Craft Chat publishes brief, focused conversations with readers, writers, and film-makers about reading, writing, and films. Interviewers or interviewees are current students or alumni of Otterbein University. The idea is to:

  • encourage substantive conversations about the creative and critical work we love;
  • promote contemporary writers’, critics’, and filmmakers’ work;
  • inspire each other to keep engaging with the literary and cinematic world outside of class assignments;
  • learn reading, writing, and screening tips from people who are equally engaged.

See “Conversation Starters” for ideas about how to begin, sustain, or focus these conversations, which can take place via email or in person. To submit a conversation for publication on this blog, send the following to

  • your initial email to the person you’re interviewing with that person’s response, including permission to publish this exchange on our blog, OR
  • a transcript of the conversation, with the email address of the person you interviewed (so we can make sure that person is okay with publishing the transcript), AND
  • links to the blog or website of the person you interviewed (if one exists),
  • links to purchasing information or online publications of the piece that inspired you to interview this person, and
  • a photo of the person being interviewed (if possible).

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